Gregory Deener, Sr. VP, Global Marketing and Strategy Implementation at Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“I first worked with Princeton Brand Econometrics over a decade ago at GlaxoSmithKline when I was the Marketing Director for a launch drug.  PBE accurately forecast our Year One sales and was far more accurate than a conjoint study that had been conducted prior to PBE.  Several brands at GSK had used PBE and when I talked to other Directors, they had experienced the same high level of accuracy.  Later, when I was the VP of Marketing and Sales of a biotech with a first drug approval and we needed to get the forecast and launch investment right, we worked with PBE again.  The Board of Directors and the CEO were very pleased with the forecast and the model.  Most recently I have worked with PBE to assess an in market product to understand competitive threats and potential investment options.  All three times I have worked with PBE I have had high confidence in their model, Cory and Barry delivered on time and on budget and provided analyses with no “surprise” fees after the fact.  The large number of physicians and patients in their primary research also allowed for accurate cuts of the data.  PBE is hands down the best forecasting organization I’ve worked with in my career.  They are worth the investment and have provided me a high level of value.”


Fred Pierce, formerly Head, Market Research, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“We (Solvay Pharmaceuticals) engaged PBE to conduct numerous forecasts.  Irrespective of specialty, therapeutic area or market tenure, they consistently developed timely, accurate and reliable forecasts.  We used other forecasting consultants prior to PBE but discovered PBE’s methodologies produced accuracy superior to any other methodologies or approaches.  They created very strong credibility within our organization and their forecasting became a routine input when assessing new products and ventures.  Further, their insights and understanding of market behaviors were very helpful to our efforts.”


Mary Szela, formerly Senior Vice President, US Pharmaceuticals, AbbVie, Inc.

“PBE is the best forecasting company I have ever worked with and especially critical in this new evolution of the pharmaceutical space.”