Promotional Plan Optimization

ScriptCAST™ Promotional Plan Optimization

Many different promotional plan optimization approaches are available through ScriptCAST. For example, a ScriptCAST simulator can be used to answer questions such as:

  • How many samples should we drop?
  • How many details are needed to achieve some feasible market share Year I?
  • What’s the minimum level of promotion needed during Year I to achieve a certain feasible share Year V?
  • Given the number of details that will be expended, how much journal advertising should be run, assuming we wish to break even on our ad budget?

(These examples are offered to give you an idea of what’s possible. It’s far from an exhaustive list .)

Doctor-level optimization is also available through ScriptCAST. The probable prescribing behavior of each individual doctor relative to the new brand is modeled and these models are used to generate an expected profit for each potential detail against each doctor. It then becomes possible to show sales representatives how to place their brand details where expected profits are the greatest. Assuming that sales incentives are properly designed, this approach will simultaneously maximize reps’ bonus payouts per detail and corporate profits. It effectively aligns the sales reps’ interests with the corporation’s interests.

PBE’s doctor-level optimization is far superior to the quintiling and other segmentation approaches many organizations use. It will often produce an additional 5%-10% in Year I TRx’s for companies with large-to-mid-sized sales forces and even more for smaller organizations.